Ars Poetica - Liberation Through Poetry

/ Bratislava, Slovakia

13 – 23 November 2018

In November 2018, Ars Poetica Association will organise the 16th edition of the Ars Poetica International Poetry Festival. The event will be held at several major venues in Bratislava, including the A4 Cultural Point, Slovak National Gallery – Berlinka Café, University Library in Bratislava, V Club and Lumière Cinemas.

The festival has so far hosted over three hundred poets, the most prominent ones as well as rising stars from all across the world, including the likes of T.S. Eliot prize winners, U.S. Poet Laureates, etc. In 2014, Ars Poetica has been privileged to be able to introduce to the Slovak audience a renowned US poet and nominee for the Pulitzer Prize – Ron Padgett, one of the founding fathers of the New York School and contemporary U.S. poetry. 

Just like every year, Ars Poetica 2017 participants’ poetries will appear in a nearly 400 page festival anthology featuring their texts in the original language, Slovak translations and possibly in other languages. 
Ars Poetica festival strives to bring poetry into an interdisciplinary realm, which can be traced in the festival efforts to offer not only an Ars Poetica Film section, but also a special multimedia programme segments, such as Poetry & video, or poetry & music.

Festival participants are invited to perform for about 20 minutes, reading in the original language that will also be recited in Slovak translation by leading younger Slovak actors. All readings are accompanied by the screenings of original live VJ sets.

Entrance is free on all poetry readings.

International Poetry Festival Ars Poetica 2018 – Program

Tuesday, November 13 / Slovak National Theatre / Blue Salon / Pribinova 17

19.30 Šmátranie v širočine / Fumbling in the Vastness
A performance of magical imagery and inner voices

that will arouse the forgotten plains of your memory.

director: Soňa Ferancová

cast: Ján Gallovič, Štefan Kocán

screenplay (montage from the poetry by Ján Stacho): Martin Solotruk

Wednesday, November 14 / Slovak National Theatre / Blue Salon / Pribinova 17

19.30 Korene / Roots
a poetic evening with the music of Martin Geišberg

cast: Táňa Pauhofová, Martin Geišberg

Thursday, November 11 / V Klub / SNP Square 12

19.00 Poetry Evening
Luc Bénazet (FR)
Kathrin Schmidt (DE)
Alexandru Potcoavă (RO) 
Risto Ahti (FI)
Camilla Nelson (GB)
Kinga Tóth (HU)

Honorable guest:
Noam Partom (IL) Spoken Word Solo

21.00 Concert
Kieslowski (CZ)

22.00 / Open End Party for Everyone

Free entry

Friday, November 16 / Café Berlinka SNG / nám. Ľ. Štúra 4

19.00 Poetry Evening
Martin Poch (CZ)
Jana Beňová (SK)
Luke Roberts (GB)
Olivier Brossard (FR)
Renate Aichinger (AT)
Bruno Doucey (FR)
Endre Szkárosi (HU)

21.00 / World-Class Sound Poetry Concert
Hannah Silva (GB) & Tomomi Adachi (JP)

22.00 / Open End Party for Everyone

Free entry

Saturday, November 17 / Café Berlinka SNG / nám. Ľ. Štúra 4

18.30 / Versopolis: Evening of European Poetry
Veronika Dintinjana (SI)
Pietro Cagni (IT)
Nikolina Andova (MK)
Łukasz Jarosz (PL)
Agda Bavi Pain (SK)
Mária Ferenčuhová (SK)

Honorable guest:
Carmien Michels (BE) Spoken Word Solo

21.00 Concert
Pospiš/Sillay/Nikitin (SK) Spev tebe

22.00 / Open End Party for Everyone

Free entry

Poetry read by Lucia Hurajová, Marek Majeský and Ivan Šándor

VJ sets by Zden Hlinka

Poetry evenings presented by Martin Solotruk

Program is subject to change


Ars Poetica 2018 Off Program

University Library in Bratislava, Liszt Pavillon, Klariská 1

Friday, November 16 and Saturday, November 17 / 2pm – 5pm

European Poetry Forum

Colloquium and session with international authors

Saturday, November 17 / 10.45am – 1pm

Ars Poetica for Children
Book, Sow Yourself!

Creative workshop run by studio Amulet

Sunday, November 18 / 3pm – 5pm

Bring Your Poem
Ars Poetica creative workshop with Martina Straková

Free entry

Friday, November 16 / 1pm – 4pm / V-Klub, Nám. SNP 12

Poézia z tela / Poetry Rooted in the Body
workshop by Roberta Štěpánková

Free entry


Ars Poetica Film (November 19-23)

Lumiére Film Theatre, auditorium No. 4, Špitálska 4, 811 08 Bratislava

Film Program

Monday, November 19

5:45pm / Lajka (dir. Aurel Klimt, Czech Republic, 2017, color, 87′, puppet/animated)

7:45pm / Elsewhere (dir. Juraj Nvota, Marian Urban,

Slovakia/Czech Republic, 2018, color, 80′, documentary)

Tuesday, November 20

5:45pm / Monster (dir. Martin Snopek, Slovakia, 2018, color, 7′, animated)
The Last Self-Portrait (dir. Marek Kuboš, Slovakia, 2018, color, 72′, docu-fiction)

7:45pm / Little Brother Karel (dir. Krystyna Krauze, Poland/Czech Republic,

2016, color, 79′, documentary)

Wednesday, November 21

5:45pm / Best of Fest Anča 2018 (A selection of winning animated films, 63min.)

7:45pm / Válek (dir. Patrik Lančarič, Slovakia, 2018, color/b&w, 131′, documentary)

Thursday, November 22

5:45pm / There Is No Other Way (dir. Jozef Zachar, Czechoslovakia, 1968,

b&w., 104′, live action)

7:45pm / The House That Jack Built (dir. Lars von Trier,

Denmark/France/Germany/Sweden, 2015, color, 155′, live action)

Friday, November 23

5:45pm / Cold War (dir. Pawel Pawlikowski, 

Poland/France/Great Britain, 2018, b&w, 84′, live action)

7:45pm / Manifesto (dir. Julian Rosefeldt,

Australia/Germany, 2016, color, 95′, live action)

Program is subject to change

Film Section Programmer: Martin Palúch