/ 11 October 2017

Poets' Voices in Times of Crisis

Frankfurt Bookfair Event

Great Britain, Poland, Catalonia – news from European countries which would have been unimaginable not so long ago reach us daily. How do critical, socially engaged poets and poetesses or those who are simply personally involved respond to these news? And even more importantly – can they influence these events in any way? Do projects like Versopolis, European Review for Poetry, Books and Culture or Open Letter to Europe, which has been written by the Belgian author Stefan Hertmans, have an impact and do they have any influence on European decision makers? Speakers, Dr. Geert Buelens from the University Utrecht, Pep Olona of Arrebato Libros and Aleš Šteger, programme director of Versopolis platform, will try to find an answer to this and other pertinent questions.

The talk will be held on Friday, the 13th of October, at the International stage (Hall 5.1), Frankfurt Book Fair.