/ 2 March 2020


The oldest and most significant Croatian poetry manifestation, as well as one of the oldest poetry festivals in Europe – Goran's Spring – is taking place this year for the 57th time, between March 18th and 21st – the first day of spring, birthday of Ivan Goran Kovacic (poet and antifascist partisan fighter to whom the manifestation is dedicated) as well as UNESCO's World Poetry Day. The festival begins and ends in Zagreb, the Goran Wreath and Goran for Young Poets awards will be presented in Lukovdol, and in the meantime the festival will be hosted in Rijeka, the current European Capital of Culture. As in previous years, in addition to this year's laureates and the most prominent names of the local poetic Parnassus, the festival will host some twenty poets from Europe and the rest of the world: the United States, Italy, Portugal, the United Kingdom, Ukraine, Slovenia, Hungary, Slovakia, Romania, Georgia, Serbia, Finland and Greece, while Turkish poetry will be in this edition’s focus.

A special program will be dedicated to the guests of Versopolis, the European platform for the promotion of emerging poets.
Croatian experimental jazz combo MILK and Turkish multi-instrumentalist Mert Kamiller will take care about the festival’s soundscape.


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