/ 28 October 2020

Prague Microfestival 2020

Prague Microfestival marks its 12th edition faced with COVID-19 restriction and moves its operation into virtual spaces of new reality.

Prague Microfestival is an annual international festival of the arts, combining contemporary writing with art, film, and performance. Every year it welcomes renowned and emerging authors from across the world, staging them alongside film projections, music, performance and visual art, in a rich mixture of art forms and literature genres. This year, due to the aggravated situation in Europe and the world, the Prague Microfestival is facing extraordinary and unpredictable challenges resulting from the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) and, for the safety of its authors, artists, book publishers, editor and its visitors, is moving its events to virtual worlds. Regardless of the current difficult situation the collective of Microfestival did not want to give up this year's festival and since at Microfestival we believe that literature and art in these times are even more important – they can offer the necessary consolation and help people get through difficult times – we are between 30th of October and 1st of November bringing to the audience a unique selection of authors from many different countries (Czech Republic, Germany, Latvia, Poland, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Great Britain, Australia, USA…). Artists, musicians, and performers from all over the world will show their work online on the festival website, which will result in making this year’s festival even more accessible for the public. 

Since its establishment, the Prague Microfestival has been striving for cooperation between international and Czech literature and art scene. With many international partners, and as a Czech representative in the Versopolis network, Microfestival is a merging bridge between domestic and international authors - it is organised fully bilingual and delivers all performances in national languages but also both in Czech and English translations. This year the festival will welcome highly regarded poets, for example: Enis Maci (Germany), Kira Pietrek (Poland), Sarer Scotthorne (UK), Artis Ostups (Latvia), Sheila Mannix (Ireland), Dragana Mokan (Serbia), Paul Hawkins (UK), Nataša Velikonja (Slovenia), John Trefry (USA), Richard Makin (UK), Germán Sierra (Spain), Richard Marshall (USA), Nina Dragičević (Slovenia) and others. Beside readings of international authors and bringing them to Czech audiences, the festival will also offer two virtual debates – critical discussion “Mayday/M’aidez” (with Louis Armand, Dustin Breitling, Márk Horváth, Bogna Konior, Adam Lovasz and Robin Mackay) and publishing discussion (with Simone Hutchinson, Manuel Marrero, Sarer Scotthorne, David Vichnar and Andrew Wilt) - with them it will ponder on the current situation and possible future of art and literature. Because Microfestival believes in the synergy of art and the polyphony of literature, each evening audiences will also enjoy different performances (theatre collective NOIR, Orkida Bracula & Valen Sandoval, adO/Aptive: Daniel Hüttler, Márió Nemez, Zsolt Miklósvölgyi …), films screenings, music selection (Autopoetik, ROKSAN (& Filip Pastula & Tomáš Hatala) …) and much more. 

As an arts and literature space, a bridge between Czech and international space, Prague Microfestival is also a place for people to gather, and with all its internationalism it remains a friendly place for discovery and discourse. As a fully bilingual and inclusive experience with an amazingly diverse offering, it promises something for everyone – even this year, in a virtual format.

Prague Microfestival 2020 takes place 30th of October – 1st of November at, each festival day starting 16:45 to late evening hours.


What? A festival of the arts: contemporary writing, film, art and performance, with readings, screenings, and installations, as well as a range of critical discussions. This year for the first time in virtual format.

Where? Online, on the festival website:

When? 30th of October – 1st of November, every day from 5pm. 

Who? More than 20 authors and performers from different countries, as well as artists and musicians from the Czech Republic and abroad.

Programme Highlights?       

Friday 30 October Readings by Enis Maci, Kira Pietrek, Artis Ostups, Sheila Mannix and Dragana Mokan / Critical roundtable “Mayday/M’aidez” with Louis Armand, Dustin Breitling, Márk Horváth, Bogna Konior, Adam Lovasz and Robin Mackay / Music and visual performance by Autopoetic + Eli Anders

Saturday 31 October Readings by Paul Hawkins, Sarer Scotthorne, John Trefry and Richard Makin / Publishing roundtable with Simone Hutchinson, Manuel Marrero, Sarer Scotthorne, David Vichnar and Andrew Wilt / Performances by Loretta Lau, Wei Yi & Barry Wan;  Orkida Bracula & Valen Sandoval and adO/Aptive: Daniel Hüttler, Márió Nemez, Zsolt Miklósvölgyi

Sunday 1 November Readings by Nataša Velikonja, Richard Marshall, Nina Dragičević and Germán Sierra / Theatre performance of NOIR / Films screenings of Dustin Breitling (Mohaghegh's Omnicide) and PMF shorts: Andrew Wilt, Gut Text, Louis Armand, The Garden, etc. / Music performance ROKSAN (& Filip Pastula & Tomáš Hatala)

What language is it in? All readings are in both Czech and English (as well as in the national languages of the respective guest authors).

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PMF COLLECTIVE Aljaž Koprivnikar, Maria Samira Mekibes, David Vichnar, Louis Armand, Vít Bohal, Lenka Malá, Dunja Ilić, Tomáš Veselý.

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