/ 31 May 2021

MAP – Mostra de Artes da Palavra 2021

9 – 13 June 2021

MAP – Mostra de Artes da Palavra (Arts of the word exhibition) is a pluridisciplinar and transversal festival that explores the word and the relationship with other disciplines as the central theme and strength of the entire festival.  

The Word, the Poetry and the Literature will be present in all forms possible: from music to plastic arts, conferences to workshops, debates to talks, from cooking to citizenship or the school to the public and media space.

MAP is a form of redefine boundaries and territories, revisit the real and reinvent our poetic imaginary.  

With initiatives that started in April 2021, the MAP take place in the county of Oeiras (15km away from the center of Lisbon) and will culminate in a more intense period between 9 and 13 of June 2021.

MAP is a festival supported by the County of Oeiras. It integrates a set of initiatives that are part of the application of Oeiras to the European Capital of Culture 2027, and which aim to symbolically position Oeiras as “Capital of Poetry and Cultures from Portuguese Language”. The Festival offers a diverse and interactive program with a great diversity of events that take place in various locations, allowing the creation of routes that cover the entire county of Oeiras. In the set of multiple activities, the MAP advocates a strong participatory component and a constant appeal to the population of the Oeiras’ county to actively collaborate. The Festival will take place in multiple spaces - auditoriums, theaters, museums, palaces and public indoor and outdoor spaces. MAP is interaction, communication, creation, dissemination, experimentation, trust. It's party, celebration, partition and participation. MAP is a festival of everyone for everyone.   

The MAP offers a popular approach to a topic of great cultural value and reference as a national attribute; the Portuguese Word and Language. The access of the events is predominantly free in all its activities. The Festival's transdisciplinarity and diversity of approaches to different artistic areas provide a diverse and transgenerational audience. Through the pandemic situation, a time when the culture sector is experiencing a phase of great difficulties, MAP is a festival consistent with the principles of social responsibility and offers a perfect response to the principle of social development and citizenship.

The MAP is an event that has 170 participants that integrate 80 events taking place in 23 different locations and was created and produced by the cultural association A Palavra (The Word), an institution entirely dedicated to the word in its multiple aspects, combinations and possibilities. From the spoken word to the poetic performance and poetry slam, from the edition to the show, A Palavra (The Word), a member of the Versopolis platform will create, develop and support projects that have poetic expression as their matrix or that make the word their main protagonist.

It is in this context that A Palavra (The Word) intends to give voice to new trends and artistic expressions around the word and its crossing with other disciplines such as music or related to the image (visual arts, video and cinema), promoting events, festivals and multidisciplinary educational and social projects.  

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