/ 28 September 2021

27th Genoa International Poetry Festival

30 September - 2 October

This year the 27th Genoa International Poetry Festival is endless! 

After eleven consecutive days in June, the second part of the event arrives with three days full of Italian and international poetry thanks to the European platform Versopolis of which Parole spalancate is a founding member.

After hosting the Slovak poet Martin Solotruk in June, Parole spalancate welcomes two other authors from Versopolis, the Catalan Eduard Escoffet and the Dutch Ilja Pfeijffer, who will present their poems translated into Italian for this occasion.

As usual, the Festival combines poetry with places of great historical and cultural value and so, also for this second part, the events will be hosted in some of the most important buildings in Genoa.

On September 30th, in the Munizioniere Hall of Palazzo Ducale, Eduard Escoffet will read together with three well-known Italian poets such as Rossano Pestarino, Matteo Munaretto and Francesco Dalessandro with the international cello player Giovanni Ricciardi.
On October 1st, at the Palazzo Reale (Royal Palace), Eduard Escoffet and Ilja Pfeijffer will read together with the Irish poet William Wall and the next day they will be guests in the Cloister of Sant'Andrea for a day entitled Poetical signs in unethical times, which wants to raise public awareness on evocative force of poetry in a period in which language is becoming increasingly poor.


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