/ 20 May 2015

Poetry Anthology Published: 'The Young Croatian Lyric 2014'

A hundred years after the publication of The Young Croatian Lyric 1914, the anthology was granted a sequel The Young Croatian Lyric 2014, published by the Croatian Writers' Society.

Contemporary Croatian authors who contributed their works to the anthology are: Marija Andrijašević, Ana Brnardić, Vlado Bulić, Marijo Glavaš, Davor Ivankovac, Dorta Jagić, Kristina Kegljen, Antonija Novaković, Branislav Oblučar, Olja Savičević Ivančević (Saška Rojc), Ivana Simić Bodrožić and Martina Vidaić.

The anthology was edited by Marko Pogačar who wrote in the Foreword: “In short, what does the young Croatian lyric has to offer, and how does it deviate from the set guidelines? Unlike Wiesner's and for reasons mentioned above, the selection in front of you – in terms of selected authors – is, in principle, anthological. By using the wording “in principle” is not an attempt to formally distance myself from any claims of objectivity or universality on my part (I, of course, do not believe in such concepts and they hold no merit in this instance) but it points to the fact that, within the set framework of an anthological selection, I did consciously (although, minimally) try to “balance the books” in my attempt to include the widest scope of contemporary and coexisting poetic strategies and matrixes”.

The publication of the first anthology The Young Croatian Lyric 1914 marked an end of an era. That was the year when Antun Gustav Matoš died and the First World War began. Twelve authors contributed to the selection: Ivo Andrić, Vladimir Čerina, Vilko Gabarić, Karl Hausler, Zvonko Milković, Stjepan Parmačević, Janko Polić Kamov, Tin Ujević, Milan Vrbanić, Ljubo Wiesner and Fran Galović. All of these authors were influenced by Antun Gustav Matoš and Vladimir Vidrić.